The regular cake box Singapore plain cake boxes are being made use of for quite some time and functions extremely well. These paper boxes are readily available in recycled paper board, virgin ITC paper board and duplex paper board with or without lamination everywhere in the marketplace.

You can never go wrong with these paper packages as they are generally used throughout India and are really easy to customize.

Recycled paper

Recycled Paper is really typical in the retail market as they are the cheapest food packaging boxes, yet it’s vital to recognize that the Paper isn’t food quality given that it’s made after reusing Paper the Paper have ink combined in it which might not be the food grade ink. The cake boxes made from the recycled Paper may not be very strong.

Duplex paper

The duplex Paper board are outstanding in sturdiness and are extensively made use of to make mono cartons, which serves as the main packaging for the thing to be packed inside, but the duplex paper could not be food grade. I ‘d recommend reviewing this with the supplier initially.

Kraft paper

Imported Kraft Paper looks brown like the recycled Paper however gives the premium yet a natural look and feel to package. The Paper is a little pricey and has greater strength.

The quality of the Paper depends upon the GSM, and the ruptured factor of the Paper as these characteristics are chosen by the supplier or Supplier depending on the need of package. These qualities are identified based upon the dimension of package, maximum weight the box will hold, are the box will be stacked over each other. We’ll not review these qualities more in detail given that the maker computes them. It’s recommended to choose the supplier estimations and will be best if you can go for one quality higher as well.

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What to choose

I ‘d suggest choosing the Virgin Paper Box for the pastry shops who wish to go slightly higher end and keep the rates competitive. The custom-made printed box will be durable and looks excellent with the style.

For the premium bakeshops, I ‘d recommend the premium paper box with the grip or paper box with the grip as the premium paper box accompanies the brand name. The costing for the box will be slightly on the higher side and unquestionably worth it considering that the premium quality Cake needs the premium paper box.

Methods for the decrease of packaging product waste

The environmental burden that plastic product packaging waste causes is huge. Worldwide initiatives are being made to decrease plastic waste and the food supply chain footprint. Strategies to alleviate adverse repercussions of packaging products include:

  • Use bulk handling of ingredients.
  • Optimize multilayered composite package.
  • Recycle used/opened Kraft paper bags.
  • Use reverse logistics (reliable communication among participants of the cooking supply chain).