Your Call Could Save Homes & Stop Displacement

Dear Home Defender,

Right now, residents of Peoplestown, a neighborhood near downtown Atlanta, are preparing to march into the Mayor’s office and refusing to leave until he agrees to meet with them. While Mayor Reed has appeared on television several times saying that he looks forward to meeting with residents, he has so far refused to actually sit down and meet with them.

Peoplestown residents are in fight not only to save their homes from a development project the city has dreamed up, they are in a fight to remain in a community they helped build. This morning we are asking that you take one minute to have their backs. We know you’re busy, but each call made could make all the difference!

Can we count on your support at this crucial moment? Below in a script and a video link with more information about the campaign.

Call Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed at 404.330.6100

Hello, my name is ____________ and I’m calling because I’m deeply concerned about gentrification in Peoplestown. I want to urge Mayor Reed to do the right thing and allow the Peoplestown residents to stay in their homes.

When we fight, we win!

Tim Franzen and the OOHA team



Please click on post note to go to our current NEEDS LIST page and thank you for your support.

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