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Aerodesign is a new profession that includes certain knowledge, skills and creativity, because every job requires an individual approach and internal energy. Besides, the success of an aerodesigner also depends on the ability of building relationships with the customer, so you have to be both an artist, a psychologist and a merchant. Custom Mylar Balloons give endless possibilities for decorators, as a wide range of colors allows you to realize all design fantasies and radically change any room in a matter of hours.

Why do latex balls need to be protected from UV rays?

Because ultraviolet rays destroy the structure of latex!

A good advice for a novice decorator:

Use lighter colors of balloons in rooms with a lot of sunlight. Offer the client pink color instead of a rich red, and light yellow instead of dark. You can also inflate balloons slightly smaller than their actual size (the thicker the wall of the balloon the stronger it is, which means it will better withstand exposure to the sun).

Why should you avoid frequent temperature changes while storing and working with balloons?

Since they can deform, lose their original presentation and simply burst.

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Useful advice for a novice decorator:

While making decorations with balloons, avoid putting them in a place where the temperature changes frequently. For example, opposite the front door or not far from the located battery.

What can make an inflated latex balloon to burst?

A latex balloon may burst from a direct sunlight and contact with sharp objects.

Useful advice for a novice decorator:

While working with latex balloons use only high-quality clamps and clips. Also, use transparent adhesive tape for the base of the products, and do not throw cigarette butts next to the decorations.

How to inflate a latex balloon correctly?

Each balloon has its own size. Remember, if the overblown latex balloon does not burst immediately, most likely that it will burst upon light contact with other objects.

Useful advice for a novice decorator:

First, inflate the latex balloon to its maximum size, then release 10% of the air. Thus, the surface of the ball will be more elastic and durable. The ball should be round, not pear-shaped. Use templates to control balloon inflation.

How to tie an air-inflated latex balloon?

  1. Take the balloon in your hand, pinch the tail so that air does not come out of the product.
  2. Hold the balloon with one hand and pull the tail with another.
  3. Twist the tail and wrap it around your fingers.
  4. Pass the tail inside the formed loop.
  5. Your balloon is tied.

Useful advice for a novice decorator:

To tie a latex balloon you should pull only the tail itself, otherwise you can simply break the balloon.

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How to properly inflate a latex balloon with helium?

Before inflating the latex balloon with helium, it should be filled with air. Thus, the balloon will be larger and deflate more slowly.

Useful advice for a novice decorator:

To tie a latex balloon inflated with helium you can perfectly use the fasteners on the ribbons or a specially designed braid.

Why do latex balloons inflated with helium deflate so quickly?

The helium molecules are so small that they just seep through the walls of the latex balloon.

Useful advice for a novice decorator:

It is better to inflate the balloons with helium before the very beginning of the event and smear them thoroughly with a special Free-fly, which prolongs the flight of the balloons.

How to inflate a foil balloon filled with air?

To inflate a mylar balloon, insert a hand pump into the hole at the end of the product and inflate the balloon. The balloon will automatically close as soon as you remove the hand pump from the hole, since almost all foil balloons are equipped with self-closing foil valves.

Useful advice for a novice decorator:

Never inflate a mylar balloon too much. There should always be small folds on the sides of the ball.

How to inflate a mylar balloon with helium?

You should inflate the mylar balloon evenly. Use special adapters to inflate the foil balloons with helium.

Useful advice for a novice decorator:

Remember, mylar balloons filled with helium expand by about 20% in hot weather, and on the contrary shrink by 15% in cold weather. Consider this specific feature of foil balloons while creating decorations outdoors, as well as in rooms with steam heating.

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